Steps that may be helpful for adhering to a more alkaline diet. ..

Published April 3, 2015 by pattinorthey

Step #1: Know What You’re Eating

Toxic acid-promoting foods include refined carbs, dairy and meats and poultry. These foods create the kind of acidic environment in your body that puts stress on your kidney and liver and may even increase the risk of diabetes. Foods that produce alkaline compounds in the body, however, help neutralize these effects. Knowing which foods are acid-promoting and which are alkaline-promoting is the first step to balancing your diet.

Step #2: The 2-to-1 Rule

To get the benefits of eating alkaline-promoting foods you should follow this simple rule: Eat two alkaline-promoting foods for every one acid-promoting food. Here’s a sample 2-to-1 meal plan:

Eggs (acid-promoting) scrambled with spinach (alkaline) served with half a grapefruit (alkaline).

Salad greens (alkaline) served with slices of roasted turkey meat (acid-promoting) dressed with a chunky, homemade avocado-lemon dressing (alkaline).

Salmon patty (low acid-promoting) on half a whole-wheat bun (acid-promoting) served with stir-fried veggies (alkaline).

Step #3: Don’t Forget About Drinks

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or like to indulge in a soda on occasion, try to preempt their acid-promoting effects with an alkaline drink beforehand. Something as simple as a water with lemon or lime or a green
juice will help offset the effects.

Step #4: Cook With Alkaline Spices and Herbs

You can help offset the harmful effects of acid-promoting foods by cooking them with alkaline spices!

• Add paprika to nuts or soups.
• If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add chili powder to hot cocoa for a spicy chocolate drink!
• Parsley is great with lunch meats like turkey or in tuna salad.
• Ground ginger is a versatile spice that can be added to stir-fry recipes, smoothies and oatmeal.
• Curry can add a surprising kick to popcorn.


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