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Published April 11, 2016 by pattinorthey

There are several health issues which can be prevented simply by rubbing your fingers. This easy method is effective in treating many health problems.


Health Problems that can be Treated by Rubbing your Fingers

The reason why this occurs is because your fingers are closely connected with certain organs in your body. In order to treat the following conditions, you should rub the corresponding finger for 60 seconds.

Migraines and Neck Pain
The occurrence of a migraine, as well as a neck pain, usually results from poor blood circulation. These problems can be solved by massaging your little finger.

If you want to ease constipation, you should massage your ring finger. By rubbing this finger, you can also treat any other stomach problem. This ability of the ring finger is owed to its close connection with your stomach.

Insomnia and Motion Sickness
In order to fight insomnia, you should rub your middle finger. By massaging this finger for 1 minute you will significantly improve your sleep. This massage is also helpful in preventing motion sickness while you are driving in a car.

Digestive Problems
If you are dealing with some digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea, you should massage your index finger. This finger can treat these problems because it is connected with your stomach and your colon.

Palpitation and Shortness of Breath
Your thumb is tightly connected with both your lungs and your heart. If you are dealing with a palpitation, or with a shortness of breath, you should massage your thumb and, you will relieve these issues.

In addition, you can improve your physical health by clapping your hands. The palms of your hands are connected with numerous nerves in your body, which are essential for the body to function properly.

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