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7 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Published January 3, 2017 by pattinorthey

Essential oils play a supportive role in so many ways. From relieving side effects of treatments to ameliorating effects of illnesses, it’s often the indirect benefits that are felt the strongest. For weight loss, this list is just a starting point – get creative with your oil “stash” to see what might help you achieve your weight loss goals.
1. Lime

Of the well-researched citrus oils, lime in particular has had very promising results regarding weight loss. One study, published in 2010, observed lime essential oil both assisting weight loss and preventing weight gain. The study concluded: The data obtained in this study suggested that lime essential oil plays an important role in weight loss and could be useful in the treatment of drug-induced obesity and related diseases. (1) For anyone who has packed on weight after a procedure or prescription, this comes as welcome news! Application: Include lime in culinary recipes, topical formulas, and diffusion blends to maximize a wide range of actions.

2. Grapefruit

Another much-loved citrus oil, grapefruit shatters our expectations of what a weight loss tool should be. Instead of yet another thing to drink, eat, or take, grapefruit seems to be just as effective in other ways. In evaluating the effects that grapefruit and lavender oils have after simply being smelled, researchers found that nerve impulses were affected extensively, leading to fat-burning and appetite-reducing benefits. (2) Topically, grapefruit is a cosmetic boost during weight loss efforts. As part of a topical blend massaged onto the abdomen, grapefruit contributed to reduced waist-circumferences and composition changes, boosting self-image for the women who participated. (3) Application: Include grapefruit in lotion and massage oil blends; diffuse before and during meals.

3. Cinnamon

The primary evaluation for cinnamon in various forms centers around diabetes itself, and cinnamon oil has been able to modify glycemic control in those cases. Additionally, in one recent study, researchers were able to observe some pancreatic protection – the pancreas being our center for insulin regulation. (4) For diabetics, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is paramount, and glycemic control is part of the process. For everyone else, protecting the pancreas and helping the body better deal with glucose can be beneficial for weight loss, as well. Application: Enjoy a drop or two diffused in stimulating weight loss blends or diluted into culinary or internal preparations.

4. Peppermint

Considered a mild stimulant, peppermint has been studied for its ability to improve athletic performance and endurance. Chances are, reading this far into an article about weight loss, you aren’t an athlete. Baby steps and good choices will get you to your goals, though, and that’s where peppermint comes into play. As a digestive herb, the peppermint plant has been enjoyed with meals in many cultures and for countless generations. As an inhaled essential oil, it has another suggested digestive purpose: affecting appetite and caloric intake. (5) Application: Diffuse with grapefruit for a bright scent that may also brighten up your daily calorie count!

5. Cardamom

Indicated in traditional and folk uses for weight control, one suspected reason behind this may be cardamom’s gastroprotective effects. As a digestive oil, cardamom has been known to protect the stomach against ulcers and damage. (6) Weight loss and control begins and ends in the stomach, not only what you eat but the way your body uses it. Damage in the stomach and the gut can put a damper on even the best diet. Take care of your gut and it will take care of you! Application: Culinary preparations, or dilution into a capsule. As with all oils indicated for internal use, one or two drops at a time is more than sufficient.

6. Cumin

We don’t know a lot about cumin essential oil yet, but what we do know is promising. The whole herb, for example, is often used to combat inflammation and diabetes. It’s this direction that researchers followed in 2005. In evaluating the chemical composition of cumin seeds, the study was able to pinpoint specific ways in which cumin – notably, some of the compounds found in the essential oil – affects the body’s blood sugar response. (7) Cumin is considered a digestive herb and essential oil, certainly worth trying out in your weight loss blends. Application: Try cumin in culinary preparations or simply diffused as part of a blend.

7. Black Pepper

To really demonstrate thinking outside of the box for weight loss support, let’s turn to black pepper. In the 1990s, black pepper essential oil was used via inhalation to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal for people as they quit smoking. (8) How might this benefit weight loss? The spiral of food addiction is often part of weight management problems, especially related to sugar. Taking care of your body as you make changes is important – going “cold turkey” on anything can create problems. Perhaps black pepper will help you take these steps as it did for smokers. You never know until you try! Application: Diffusion and personal inhalers.

Diffusing Blend for Weight Loss Support

Try this stimulating, appetite-curbing combination for use around workout times, when cravings hit, or during mealtimes. Add 2 drops of the following oil blend in a gel cap for occasional support. Be sure to discontinue use immediately if acid reflux develops (can sometimes happen with peppermint).

Weight Loss Blend – equal parts of:





For aromatherapy, add 5 drops each to a diffuser!


Top Doctors Are Now Warning Anyone Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately

Published December 8, 2016 by pattinorthey

It seems common for us to be prescribed ibuprofen for nearly every symptom we have. Headaches, toothaches, back pain. Doctors are set on directing their patients to take pill after pill and the pain never permanently goes away. We find ourselves waking up with that same headache or that same neck pain, morning after morning. It’s like a revolving door of hurt and frustration. But what a lot of us don’t know is that it could be damaging your health. Ibuprofen doesn’t cure the pain and in the long run it is toxic to the heart muscle. In fact, so much so that over an extended period of time it may even cause death. The thought is terrifying but the reality is that there is another option that is safeguarded from this scary possibility.

A safer and more natural way to relieve the pain is by using turmeric, which is a plant that is native to southern Asia and has the healing powers of both hidden and pronounced pain. The plant has been issued to patients for thousands of years in Asia and is a major part of Asian medicine.

Originally in plant form, the powder is loaded with powerful polyphenols and the spice form of turmeric is known to assist in over 600 advantages.

You can purchase the powerful ingredient in powder form at most grocery stores and natural food establishments. While the flavor of the brown powder is somewhat spicy and earthy tasting, it can be blended and mixed with a variety of different recipes.

A simple recipe that will do wonders to your body, and not break the bank is listed below:

Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder, one cup of honey and the juice of one squeezed lemon in a glass
Stir the combination using a wooden spoon
Add a teaspoon of this mixture to a cup of warm water or tea
Enjoy the pain-relieving cocktail three times a day and you will see results in no time
Throw away your ibuprofen.

Efficient Drink Solutions Against Bad Cholesterol

Published November 15, 2016 by pattinorthey

​Healthy Beauty Planet
Posted by Elena On August 19, 2015
High cholesterol is the main culprit to diseases such as stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis and angina.
People with high and consistent intake of natural anti-oxidants can maintain a healthy cholesterol condition,
As antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, preventing them from damaging tissues.
When it comes to eating well to lower cholesterol and keep your heart and arteries in great shape you probably know: To cut down on the salt, up your fiber intake, and enjoy fish a few times a week but juicing can also helps.
If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol you should consume these:
– Oats
– Nuts
– Salmon
– Apples
– Beans
– Garlic
– Olive oil
– Spinach
– Avocado
– Kiwi
– Carrots
No. 1 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

2 large Apples
10 medium Carrots
1/2 Lemon (outer skin cut off)
1 large Orange
2 large Peaches
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.
No. 2 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

2 medium Apples
3 medium Carrots
3 stalk, large Celery
1 thumb Ginger Root
2 Lemons (peeled)
2 medium Pears
6 thumb Turmeric Root
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.
No. 3 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

1 Grapefruit
2 ribs of Celery
¼ Lemon
½-inch Ginger
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.

No. 4 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

1/3 bag of Spinach (around a handful)
1/2 bunch of Parsley
4 Carrots
1/2” Ginger root
1 Garlic clove
1 Apple
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.
No. 5 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

1/3 bag of Spinach (around a handful)
1/2 bunch of Parsley
4 Carrots
1/2” Ginger root
1 Garlic clove
1 Apple
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.
No. 6 Drink solution for Bad Cholesterol

1 cup each of Blueberries
half a Cucumber
Instructions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.


Published July 22, 2016 by pattinorthey


If you are having problems with different types of pains and you want to get rid of them, we have an answer for your wishes.

Here it is one very easy and highly effective trick that can help you to remove all pain.

And all this without side effects of all those dangerous and harmful medications.

So, here are the main instructions to follow:

  • Find the point on your hand related to your pain source and press it with your thumb for 5 seconds.
  • Remove the thumb from the pressure point for 3 seconds.
  • After that repeat the first step and keep doing this whole procedure for several minutes.
  • Repeat and prolong the massage for a day or maybe for a week to achieve the best effects.

Help someone else to breathe freely without any pain by sharing this simple tactic.

How to clean 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon

Published May 10, 2016 by pattinorthey

With simply colon cleansing many health problems can be avoided. Eliminating of parasites and mucus from the intestines and fecal debris is imminent, because through the intestines during an average lifetime people spend over 180.000 pounds food and 12.000 gallons liquid, of which over 40 pounds are toxic substances accumulated in the stomach. They contaminate your blood and cause many diseases !!

There are several signs that your intestines are not clean such as: constipation, diabetes, disturbed metabolism, obesity, arthritis, cancer, kidney stones, vision and skin problems. You need colon cleansing.

This Colon Cleanse Diet  will detox your digestive system in just 21 days without any doctors around or any medications or drugs. You can clean up to 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon and lose weight more easy.

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How to clean 30 Pounds of Toxins Accumulated in your Colon

Instead of breakfast devour this blend for 3 weeks!

    Week 1: 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
    Week 2: 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir
    Week 3: 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour and 150 ml of kefir

Kefir and Flaxseeds Colon Cleansing

Important: Do not follow this diet more than once per year because it’s enough and you don’t need to force or waste your body. Stay Healthy!

Remember: Eat flaxseed flour and kefir for breakfast, then drink one glass of nectar water if you have such a filter.

Your hands …

Published April 11, 2016 by pattinorthey

There are several health issues which can be prevented simply by rubbing your fingers. This easy method is effective in treating many health problems.


Health Problems that can be Treated by Rubbing your Fingers

The reason why this occurs is because your fingers are closely connected with certain organs in your body. In order to treat the following conditions, you should rub the corresponding finger for 60 seconds.

Migraines and Neck Pain
The occurrence of a migraine, as well as a neck pain, usually results from poor blood circulation. These problems can be solved by massaging your little finger.

If you want to ease constipation, you should massage your ring finger. By rubbing this finger, you can also treat any other stomach problem. This ability of the ring finger is owed to its close connection with your stomach.

Insomnia and Motion Sickness
In order to fight insomnia, you should rub your middle finger. By massaging this finger for 1 minute you will significantly improve your sleep. This massage is also helpful in preventing motion sickness while you are driving in a car.

Digestive Problems
If you are dealing with some digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea, you should massage your index finger. This finger can treat these problems because it is connected with your stomach and your colon.

Palpitation and Shortness of Breath
Your thumb is tightly connected with both your lungs and your heart. If you are dealing with a palpitation, or with a shortness of breath, you should massage your thumb and, you will relieve these issues.

In addition, you can improve your physical health by clapping your hands. The palms of your hands are connected with numerous nerves in your body, which are essential for the body to function properly.

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What to do with a clothespin

Published February 6, 2016 by pattinorthey

Each of these 6 different points on the ear is connected to pain and soreness in a specific part of the body. By applying pressure to each spot, you can relieve those aches.

The upper-most portion of the ear is directly connected to your back and shoulders. Applying a clothespin for about a minute should go a long way to reduce built-up tension. Try this several times a day to lessen that back and shoulder pain.

The next spot down on the ear is the one that is connected to the body’s organs. Obviously, if you have severe internal pain, you should be seeing a doctor. But for minor internal tenderness or discomfort, use a clothespin or your fingers on this spot. It may just give you the internal relief you are looking for.

The upper-middle part of the ear is the part that is most closely associated with pain and stiffness in the joints. Applying pressure with a clothespin or your fingers can offer some much needed relief. Chronic problems should necessitate a trip to the doctor, but why not try this simple method first?

The lower-middle part of the ear is the one that is connected to the sinuses and throat. When seeking relief from a cold or sinus infection, applying pressure to this spot can aid in the reducing of tension. A clothespin can go a long way to cutting down on pesky throat soreness.

Just above the lobe of the ear is a place most commonly associated with digestion. Using a clothespin to apply pressure can help relieve digestive issues and minor stomach problems. And if you are a person who often feels digestive discomfort, you can use this method in advance to try to be preventative.head and heartThe lowest place on the ear — the lobe — is the spot that is connected with two of the most important parts of the body: the head and the heart. Applying pressure to the ear lobe can work to promote heart health and to relieve unwanted pressure in the head. This method can be quite effective in eliminating pressure headaches.